Yeah, this is a pretty bland UI and probably a pretty bland post. I’ve been trying to get a pretty large project off the ground for the last year with negligible success. While I normally have my epiphanic moment in April and May, I’ve chosen December 31st for some reason this time around.


For the cliche of course! Actually, it’s when I have the time to really sit down and plan and decide on a direction. But enough with the ambiguity. Here’s some details.

My goal is to start creating and documenting what I do with the goal of sharing ideas and hopefully nudging others to try things that aren’t necessarily in their comfort zones. My interests are pretty wide ranging but tend to return to electronics, woodworking, and music. In the case of more than one project I have planned, all three of those at once!

The creation and documentation won’t happen here — I have for that. Once I finish writing this post, I’ll be moving on to getting that set up as well! This is more of a personal narrative for random things that come up from working on projects and other non-project things. I’ve held this domain since April of 1999 and it’s always the one I come back to. So, here I am!

As for today? Not too much to add. It’s New Years Eve, we have had a frozen well pipe for over 24 hours and, while I know how to fix the issue, I did not have the tools to take on the task. Thankfully our local heating and plumbing guys do and have done this more than just today at our house!

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